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Ecclesiastes 3

Ecclesiastes 3. That simply rounds up the site contents of our Asian Kablogers.

There's birth...

Caryn Paredes and Mommy Wannabee are both expecting moms. The Kablogs wish them well!

and then there's...

Janis of Singapore just lost her 'inang' (her paternal grandma) and J Alvaran of Deep Drains remembers the victims of the Yushu Quake victims in China. Our prayers...

A time to show and tell

Josiet of Mumsified featured her three-year old son EJ whose letter 'W' cutely sounded like 'Dubyaah' while for Hyannej, the best gift to give a child is the wisdom of saving. Meanwhile, Pink Addict teaches us the Japanese restaurants to go to while in Korea, while Sreisaat of Cambodia shows us what a cyclo vehicle is and Blue Purple Lily, the 2009 World Games Stadium in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Rey Asis' photo showed us kababayans in Hongkong having a grand time during the OAV (his other election-related photo was so creatively apt for this issue that we requested the use of it). How about Q of China new red shoes? Kakaiba talaga.

A time to remember...

If Bechay of Buhay sa Korea reminded her of her childhood in Angeles City the sight of a truck carrying native crafts, for Mimi of Sleepless in KL, it's the taste of our native bibingka.

A time to return...

MindDeth of Singapore has just returned from leave and she has beautiful pasalubong for all of us. I wish we could invite her to contribute soon in this journal. Gasoline Dude of Singapore returned blogging; and explains why his temporary absence -- work, friends, heartache (not necessarily in that order). Ditto Scofield Jr who's 'addiction' to Facebook (who isn't nowadays?) lets him forget about blogging. He's so into FB that he even taught us tip on how not to get caught in the office while blogging and FB-ing.

A time of ruminate about life...

Kikomatching of Thailand had a heartwarming post about their recent office outreach visit to an AID's facility in Thailand. He also encourages us to do outreach programs for the poor and the needy. Meanwhile, Carnation of Thailand talks about the hope that Easter brings writing " long as we hold on to His hands, we are safe and secure." Amen to both. And yes, Bing of Gumamela sa Paraiso is being 'keso' as she narrates a new episode in her 'love' life, while Mommy EK of Japan is being profound writing on 118th day of 2010 this line: We're one mistake for being together...but let's not ask why it's not right. Ervin surely had a spiritual time meditating inside the Our Lady of Penafrancia Church in Bicol while Sardonyx is once again having a laugh at kitkat saying: May mga bagay na pare-pareho, pero iba-iba (katulad ni kitkat di ba?).

A time to sing...

Reana Claire sings praise songs to God while Roanne of Macao introduces us to Dong Abay's Perpekto which I thought sounded like Banyuhay. Oh yes, Jenny Santiago of Vietnam does Lady Gaga. Cool! Caprichosa should be singing too this month as she enjoys her salary bonus. Swerte.

A time to choose...

So Joey and Vic are pro-Noynoy, huh?! Learned it from Chronicle of Kotseng Kuba of China. Meanwhile Phil Saraspe is thinking if he should care about the political issues in Thailand, his country of residence. I think we should.

A time to dream...

Mari is thinking of having a Barby-motiffed room (but instead of pink, purple!) while Anna of Singapore (who just got married, by the way...congrats!) shares her dream of owning an IPAD.

And a time to make dreams come true.

LordCM of Palau proudly adverts about makng The Kablogs Journal a reality.

There is indeed a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.

(We are still looking for a contributing editor for Asia who can round-up the writings of our Asia-based Kablogers. Please email us if you're interested. It is an exciting work, and admittedly, while I was visiting these blogs (some, for the first time), I can't help but be amazed at their work. Truly, a wonderful experience getting to know them. I'd surely be coming back to read them all! - Nebz).

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