Children of Tonle Sap Lake in Thailand

All the above photographs were taken by Jose Tan, a freelance Portrait, Travel and Events photographer based in Bangkok Thailand. For years, his passion in photography has lead him to countless photographic opportunities around Asia documenting Prime Ministers, Presidents, Sultans, star athletes, beauty queens, models, international events, less fortunate children, unforgettable places, leading and organizing a Worldwide Photo Walk event, exhibitions and many others.

In one of those unforgettable vacations, he was able to capture these images of Cambodian street children near Tonle Sap Lake, known to be the biggest in Asia. These kids are among the poorest of the poor probably in the world. But in these images, what Jose saw was hope in their eyes.

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Nice photos Master J :)

Thanks sa pagtanggap bilang isa sa mga contributor ng KaBlogs Journal

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Two thumbs up!

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