Bakasyon. Eleksyon. Fiesta.

All these, we all must agree, are for kids -- should be for kids. And this is the reason why we chose
Jose Santiago Tan's photo as cover for our May 2010 issue of The Kablogs Journal.

The month of May in the Philippines is synonymous to summer vacation among kids. For some of them, school vacation meant spending the entire summer in grandma's house in the province. For others who are not fortunate enough, school vacation may free them from school assignments but not from work. Some kids, the poor kids, toil and work during summer to help eke out a living.

The month of May also meant lots of fiestas and santacruzans where kids play prominently as angels garbed in white, crowned with garlands of flowers and paraded throughout the town singing Ave Maria.

Finally, May -- particularly for us Filipinos and more particularly for this year -- will be the most exciting of the year primarily because we are electing our next President this month. After listening to the rhetorics of all our candidates and after weighing their worth, we must also take into account what can they offer to the future of our children. Let's ask whether the politician we are keen in electing will bring us forward, not backward; whether he'd bring out the best in us, not the worse; and whether he will unite us; not divide us further. When we go out and vote (and we encourage you to vote wisely), let's think of and do it for our children.

We welcome you to this Kablogs Journal's Issue 2! We hope you'd enjoy reading our work as much as we did preparing them for you. Please do share us your feedback and we would gladly accept too your future contributions to our journal.

MAY 2010 Contributors: Jose Santiago Tan of Thailand, Maris Manalili of Shanghai, China; and Drake of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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