Arabian/African Notes

I'm here again, Janelle from Riyadh with love at your service. I can actually hear some bloggers groan 'You again?!.' Haha! So sorry, it's just that we need more time to look for our Middle East and Africa editor. Any takers? We assure you, it's a fun task. :P

And so, in this corner of the Arabian/African peninsula...

Looks like the Sy family had a fun adventure in Riyadh. Wonder what the Pink Tarha ladies will ask them about their stay? Speaking of stay, wonder what's the Sy family's next leap of faith? Can you guess? On the other hand, Bottled time made the leap to Jeddah. Indeed a breath of fresh air. The Indecent Mind has an adventure of his own... what, with 5.8 million dollars(!!!), he can actually afford to leave Saudi now and go home for good... not!

People are almost always busy but I do love that they still have time to blog! Yey, more pages and entries to read. The Sandbox is on an online leave for the month of April but he left this Buhay Buhangin episode to keep us amused. Meanwhile, The Pope made a comeback post... and also Pink Mother, after a year hiatus! Wow, the Middle East blogosphere is so alive! Why not? Blogging has been a respite from the busy work world for most of us.

I wonder if the OFWs in the Middle East and Africa already voted. I haven't as of this writing but I will. Isla de Nebz just did (despite his busy schedule in mastering and conquering Pinoy Hangaroo) and Mr. Thoughtskoto sure knows who he'll vote for while Ardyeytology still has major doubts with politicians (yes, we all do!). The Bizjoker has a scoop on the OAV process in Afghanistan. Good to know they had a chance to vote!

Belated happy birthday to In My Own Opinion who received bonggang-bonggang gifts and fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams. A shout-out too to one proud Igorota! She thanked everyone including her 'rents who take their health supplements (hey, my parents too!), her boss who refuses to issue her a laptop and her friends who lie about her weight. Ayie of Family Matters, who made a new blog, also celebrated her beautiful daughter's birthday. Wonder why it's all birthdays... when can I read about weddings? Maybe this is a sign from Jen's Misadvventures. Oh, before I forget, congratulations to WitsandNuts for having her church photo published in Zest Air's inflight magazine!

And I leave you with this beautiful photo of the Jeddah fountain from Mr. Pepe Cabrera and some nice art work (in watercolor and in pen and crayons) from Days Just Passed.

Your temporary MEA editor (I'd love to have this task, only if I'm no longer bombarding you with other articles I wrote),

PS. If you're no longer online, please do enjoy watching the sky, just like what Nurse On Call did.

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