California Spring

My eyes are dazzled by a glare of sunlight coming through my window. I love beautiful mornings, and as the length of daylight rapidly increases and the sun is shining more, my day is filled with bright lights from the sunshine above. It is the time of the year for little birdies to sing, colorful butterflies flying everywhere, happy bees can't stop buzzing, flowers starts blossoming, all are celebrating for the coming of spring.

“Oh we love spring"

♪It’s finally here, spring, spring, spring ♫

Cold, chilly days are over, ♪goodbye shivering days

♫The flowers ♪were a blaze of color, looking at their best ♫

Happiness is everywhere, oh we love ♪spring.

This is the season I await the most. This is my first time to experience spring fever and so far, I love every moment of it. In southern California, the weather is so unpredictable; it can be so cold in the morning, then hot, humid or super hot in the afternoon or vice versa, that is why it is always smart to bring a sweater for chilly times and umbrella for an instant shade of the sun.

It is also a great time to have a picnic in the park with your loved ones. Imagine sitting under an oak tree while drinking hot tea, eating fresh salads, bread, and fruits like melons, strawberries, apples, and bananas, and watching kids play and laugh amid an amazing view of a spring fresh surrounding filled with flowers and trees on a perfect Sunday afternoon. Since spring started, I resumed my morning walks and exercises.

And as fashion changes with the season, it’s time to bring out my light and comfortable clothes. Winter fashion can be a drag, but not spring!

I have only one goal this season: find cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms, where art thou?

Arlini of Arlinicious Bliss hails from Quezon City, her best city in the world. She is a physical therapist currently residing in California, United States of America. She is a future Ambassador of the Poor and Hungry. She is embracing life and considers it "oh so yummy". More on her spring tales here.

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