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The KaBlogs Journal

There was once a dream to gather Filipino bloggers around the world. Thus, KABLOGS was born.

Throughout the years since KABLOGS's inception, there were noticeably more and more excellent Overseas Filipino workers and expatriates' blogs mushrooming in the blogosphere. Some were highlighted and have been featured by various award-giving bodies; mostly, however, remain buried in oblivion due to various reasons.


THE KABLOGS JOURNAL is the official online magazine of the Kablogs community. It features pages from Pinoy bloggers all over the world and serves as the writing avenue for Overseas Filipino Workers and expatriates.

The Kablogs Journal blog is packed with articles that will open up your senses to the culture and lifestyle of Filipinos who are living and working abroad. It whips up interesting sections and multimedia entries that every OFW blogger can relate to. The monthly issue is bound by a theme that reflects the thoughts and interests of our fellow global Filipino bloggers. The various sections are open for contribution. This is made by and for the Philippine's modern heroes.

The Kablogs Journal is the global Pinoy's online read.


The KaBlogs Journal Sections

SPOTLIGHT Blogger, step into the limelight!
THE IN-BETWEEN Linger in this space between the homeland and the world.
LENS AND LIGHT Seeing the world through your eyes (photographs and videos)
ROUND-TRIP TICKET Articles and write-ups from [destination] with love.
KABLOGSPHERE Roundups and updates from the Kablogs Journal's international editors.
KABLOGS COLUMNS Words of wisdom from the Kablogs Core Team.
POST-ITS Notes and messages from the Kablogs Journal's editors.

 KABLOGS Core Team

George 'The Pope' Babiano
Palipasan / gvbabiano@yahoo.com

Kenji Solis
Thoughtskoto / kenjebz@gmail.com

Charlie 'LordCM' Montemayor
LordCM / lordcm@pinoyblogawards.com

The KaBlogs Journal Editorial Team

Bhing Comiso
Editor in Chief
Gumamela sa Paraiso
/ gemma.comiso@gmail.com

Rosemarie Armenta
Managing Editor
  Rainbow Box
/ rosemarie_armenta0716@yahoo.com

International Contributor

Drake's Room

Ruel Pagoto
Chook-minder's Quill

Francis Morilao
Mga kathang isip at kwento ni Kiko

Arvin Bautista

Noel Ablon
Baul ni Noel 

Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD
Felmar's Missionary Journey


Marco Paolo
Kol me Empi

Annalyn Salangsawa

Pamilya Matters

Jocelyn 'Misalyn' Gundan

Al Ain City Daily Photo