Our cover: This is a photograph taken inside a Catholic church in the Middle East, of a boy gazing at something while his parents are in prayers.

"...when the night is upon us,
why should the heart sink away?
when the dark midnight is over,
watch for the breaking of day."

Those are the oftentimes unmemorized but very well-heard lines of 'Whispering Hope', a famous Christmas hymn.


It's that something that we look forward to...we live waiting for it, unsure if it's really coming; praying ardently that it will. It's a clockwork like a month's end salary or perhaps an annual vacation. It can also be as vague as finding love. And can be as elusive as winning a multi-million lotto jackpot or finally finding peace among warring nations and individuals.

It sums up the thought that 'tomorrow will be better'.

For the 10th issue of your Kablogs Journal, we ask: what is that you are hoping for in this life? We hope you will enjoy reading our thoughts and mind about the theme. And, yes, please feel free to interact with us by way of your poems, poetries, essays, short stories and even photographs! We welcome contributions for this journal via thekablogsjournal@gmail.com.

Special thanks to Dinah Olino for her two poems in this issue.

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mite be a cliche, but I really want a "peaceful and well relaxed" mind. LOL! perhaps if I get it, then I'll know what I'll want next...

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