Welcome to the 7th Issue of the Kablogs Journal.

This October 2010, we strive to blend night and day, darkness and brightness, to symbolize an OFW's struggle.

In this issue, you will find stories, prose, poems, and essays narrating the theme's symbolic meaning among OFW's bloggers.

Our cover: Let's call this lantern 'fanous', Arabic term for lantern which has also become a symbol of Ramadan. In Arab's ancient times, women were not allowed to leave their houses except in Ramadan, and when they do leave their house, they use fanous to caution men in the street to look away.

For us OFWs, we use our 'lantern' to light our way; to bring us inner joy; to guide our steps in this somewhat dark, unsure (and sometimes hostile) environment. That lantern may well as be our family's hope for the future, the love of our family, our personal dream, our personal faith, our struggle to make life better for ourselves, etc.

Life -- not just of an OFW -- is yinged and yanged between darkness and light, between night and day. And we all need a 'fanous' to make our way, lest we will be lost and may not find our way back home.

We hope you'll enjoy what your kablogs offer you this month.

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